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News America Marketing “Lady Boss” Leads Climb 4 Kids Biggest Team


attach55409_20160914_143931With Climb 4 Kids six weeks away, After-School All-Stars of NYNJ is shining light on our participants that are going above and beyond to prepare for the climb and capture the essence of what ASAS is all about.

Climb 4 Kids’ largest company involvement is from News America Marketing, a subsidiary of ASAS national partner, News Corp. Their 2 teams includes 45 participants and is lead by climb captains Angela DiLemme, SVP SmartSource Media Group and Ryan Devoe, EVP Eastern Sales. In an interview with DiLemme, she shares with ASAS what it has been like for her to manage a team, what teamwork means to her, and what the teams at News America Marketing are doing to prepare for C4K!

Inspired by Heather Locklear’s character on 1990’s soap opera Melrose Place, Angela DiLemme knew her calling was to get dressed up everyday, manage a team, and be the ultimate “Lady Boss”. DiLemme is nothing short of what she envisioned for her future as she leads a team of 40 employees at News America Marketing as SVP SmartSource Media Group.

Aside from managing new students out of college through News America’s Career and Development Program, Angela is currently leading the biggest team for Climb 4 Kids 2016 thus far! With 55 members on Team DiLemme, participants have been raising employee morale with smoothie bars, bake sales and candygrams, all in an effort to raise funds for C4K.

attach55406_20160914_135412DiLemme was recruited on campus at Hofstra University by News America Marketing, in which she was hired into their career and development program. 20 years later, DiLemme now manages recent college graduates through the career and development program. “Managing a team at News America is super rewarding,” says DiLemme. “It’s an awesome experience because I get to influence young adults at an early age and teach them the fundamentals of being successful in business.”

DiLemme also organized a volunteer day for her employees with After-School All-Stars in May and she explained that it was “a great experience for everyone and it was so important in getting people rallied together, fostering teamwork, and working for a great cause.”

The momentum of gathering everyone together and implementing teamwork has been substantial as DiLemme has created two teams for the Climb and consistently motivates and encourages everyone. For DiLemme, in order to successfully manage a team and execute great teamwork, it all begins with the individual. “To keep people motivated within the organization, you have to create a special niche,” says DiLemme. “Making time for everybody is key to me because everyone wants to be part of something that’s bigger and you have to make everyone feel important as the next person.”

attach55403_20160914_134943“Teaching a management style that’s about putting people first, in itself motivates people in terms of holding people accountable and being helpful and having everybody feel like they’re not on their own, these are all things that make people feel good as an employee.”

Though both teams of News America Marketing are competing against one another, they are also helping one another as they host multiple events to raise money for C4K. They were able to raise around $400 through hosting a smoothie bar in their office and to continue to build morale and fundraising efforts, News America Marketing hosted a “Do Good With Burritos” Chipotle Fundraiser on Tuesday, September 13th in which 50% of proceeds will be donated to ASAS. They will be hosting another Chipotle fundraiser in October.

News America Marketing is also organizing a bake sale this month. She explains that it’s not your average bake sale in that “everyone who volunteered to bake has to bake sixty items the size of a quarter, so you’re not paying for the baked good, you’re paying for a vote.”

attach55407_20160914_143814The final fundraising initiative will take place in October as Team DiLemme will be organizing a nationwide Halloween candygram in which employees of News America Marketing will send candy and a message to counterparts across the country.

This years theme for Climb 4 Kids is “Power Your Climb”, which is an opportunity for our participants to think about what their goal(s) or “climb” is in life and giving power to the skills, abilities and resources needed to attain that goal. For DiLemme, she says that “my climb is inner peace and it’s inner peace for myself, the people around me and the people I’m able to affect. I want them to have a sense of doing their best, looking at themselves in the mirror and knowing that they gave it their all and that they tried their hardest.”

DiLemme also shared some advice that she felt would encourage other climbers this year, as well as our ASAS students to work together as they climb 68 floors. “There’s something super special about helping someone else. If you’re doing it by yourself and you don’t have anybody to celebrate it with, it’s anticlimactic. Your best success comes when you collaborate with people and have someone to share it with. You have to surround yourself with people that you know could help & support you and will be your fan base.”

Though Team DiLemme is nervous about taking on 68 floors, DiLemme feels that this year her team’s climb is collaboration. They will “Power Their Climb” by bringing together groups of people that before, may not know each other or have not worked together. For DiLemme, teamwork is about surrounding yourself with the people that can help you, support you and celebrate with you. With the support and collaboration of every team member, together Team DiLemme will “Power Their Climb”.

Join After-School All-Stars at the Climb 4 Kids! 

My trip to News Corp by Jerilyn Frias

News Corp ASAS Visit 087Just a few days ago, my friends and I in After-School All-Stars went to a place called News Corp. When we walked into the building, we were greeted and given notebooks and pens so that we could take notes. As one of the people who went one the trip, I would like to inform you on what I learned.

First, I will talk about Greg. Greg was one of the people who worked for the mobile part of the company. He fixes apps for people when News Corp ASAS Visit 085they have problems. For example, he could change the text size for people who have problems seeing. One of Greg’s favorite activities is bike riding, and rock climbing. As a  child, he didn’t read the Wall Street Journal, he read the New York Times. Not anymore though!

Next, we will be News Corp ASAS Visit 072talking about Susan. Susan works for the financial part of the company. She manages the money, and tells the people when they have enough funds to buy things. As a child, she didn’t have many things to play with. So, she decided to read books. This helped her get the job at News Corp. Reading comes in handy, doesn’t it? Finally, comes Joe. He works as a lawyer, and he keeps people out of jail. And, he keeps people safe. To get those jobs, all of those people had to use a News Corp ASAS Visit 067master’s degree.

Thank you News Corp, for letting us go to
your building, and for letting us learn about what you do. This will surely inspire people to work at News Corp. I would especially like to thank: Jamie, Ruth, Michelle, Carrie, Susan, Greg, Joe, Greg, Jorge, Becky, Angela, Emma, Sara and Mariel.

Camp Hoop Heroes Recap

Attach0This year’s Camp Hoop Heroes was an absolute success! Each day the students filed into the gym, eager, and ready for the weeklong sports and mentorship camp. From the first whistle to the last shot, the kids were glued! Just like the students, the mentors rushed over in their suits and heels with shoulders committed to making a difference. The camaraderie that formed between the students and mentors was something worth being a part of; because an opportunity like the one Camp Hoop Heroes provided was rare.

The students heard powerful messages about the damaging consequences of “self-doubt”; the 13083090_10153958035800255_3294394672241178481_nimportance of accepting yourself; the lessons of tenacity and adversity, the challenge of discipline, and career exploration. When the students were surveyed about the most valuable lesson learned at CHH, one student responded,

“The Most useful thing I learned from this camp is to work as a team and to not give up; because you have to fall and fall and keep falling before you succeed in life.”

The camp guest were Hot 97’s DJ Peter Rosenberg and Metro PCS invited Brooklyn Net’s player Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

rsnOn the court, the students exhibited vision, discipline, teamwork, resilience, and respect; the five themes for the week. Justin Weir, CHH lead coach, developed work ethic training which optimized on the leadership of the campers and strengthened their skills. As a result of the camp, 98% of all the students agreed that they strengthened their skills, bonded with a mentor, and learned new leadership skills.

Off the court while engaging in leadership activities, the mentors and students discussed and shared lessons about mapping for the future; prioritization, discipline, and planning for college. On Thursday, during “College Night”, mentors created a college map and briefly shared their experience in college as well as offer great advice for preparing for college. Some mentors even proudly wore their Alma Matter’s on their shirts and shorts.
On Friday, the students participated in an anti-violence campaign which advocated against teen-on-teen violence; a prevalent problem in the communities of those we serve. The project was called “These Hands Were Made For…” and the message can be found on our social media sites. In addition to our service action project, each evening our program leaders voluntarily donated food to the neighboring homeless population with the intent of raising awareness about the needs of our less fortunate.

WinstonCamp concluded with students and mentors being recognized for their commitment to the camp and the growth they achieved over the week. Each student received a plaque, a cinch bag, a Brooklyn Net’s water bottle, hand towel, basketball, and a group photo with NBA player Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. CHH mentors also received gifts as a token of our forever indebted gratitude for their immeasurable support.

The presence and contributions of the mentors were far reaching as indicated by frequent comments made by students, saying that they appreciated and benefited greatly from the bonds they created with their mentors. One student stated, “The thing I liked most from this camp is that we now have mentors to help guide us in life”.

Graduation CHHDax- Devlon Ross, Executive Director, and the ASAS Team would like to extend a special thank you to our guest speakers -Akili Hinson, Lauren Braswell, Percell Dugger, Curtis Wilson, and Steven Moore. Thank you to SONYC, MetroPCS, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Peter Rosenberg for sponsoring and participating in our camp.

Lastly and most importantly, we would like to thank the Fox Sports Team, the NJIT Students, our board member Steven Moore and all of our mentors for repeatedly showing up each night. Thank You! We could not have done this without you.

Kiss for a Cause


Join After-School All-Stars, HeyU & PixiCause this Tuesday, 12/8 in Time Square @ 2 PM for Kiss for a Cause!

If you can’t join us in Time Square but want to get involved:

Step 1. Give someone a smooch while taking a selfie

Step 2. Send the selfie to Kiss for a Cause via the website:

Step 3. Post on Instagram and Twitter #kissforacause #heyudating #tuesdaygiving @kissforacause

We’re committed to spreading more love in the world & that begins with our kids!


Coat Drive in Canarsie, Brooklyn

“Winter is Coming”

We all know how dreadful New York winters can be.



After-School All-Stars at PS 272 along with NY Cares is sponsoring a coat drive to support our families in the upcoming months.

If you would like to contribute a coat or donate funds to the coat drive you contact Victor Burt the Community School Director at (718)241-1300 ext. 2010 or (646)246-6364 or by email

Coats will be delivered starting December 1st thru December 23rd.



•Students miss more school in colder weather regardless of income level

• Absences directly affect student success

• Students in low-income school districts are more likely to go without the necessary clothes they need to protect them from harsh conditions

• Dressing appropriately in cold/severe weather improves a student’s likelihood to attend school and thereby improves student success in the classroom

Coat Drive Flyer

To donate, visit our PayPal page:


Mondelez Gives Back to Newark

Mondelez Employees Volunteer with Newark Students

Over 20 Mondelez International volunteers joined All-Stars last month in celebration of Mondelez International’s Global Volunteer Month. Employees assembled healthy snack packs and distributed them to students, ran fitness games including sack races, basketball drills, and jump rope competitions, and, to benefit the entire George Washington Carver Elementary school community, beautified the playground by painting colorful line games including foursquare and hopscotch.

The Mondelez International Foundation supports health and nutrition education here in Newark, enabling our kids to learn about how to cook healthy meals, engage in active play and more.Mondelez3

Laurie Guzzinati , Regional Director, Corporate & Government Affairs, North America, said,
“It  goes without saying that ASAS programs make a tremendous impact, but in addition to that, one consideration we took into account when forming this partnership was to find a charity that our employees would be able to engage in a hands-on way, and ASAS’ expansive reach enables us to give back in our own communities. We’re proud to support ASAS and excited to continue making connections with their students.”

Check out photos here:

School’s (almost out) for summer!


What a wonderful year it has been! After-School All-Stars Newark and New York has been grateful to launch programs at 5 new sites. Thanks to our amazing staff and school partners, we have run programs at George Washington Carver, Dr. E Alma Flagg, Bruce Street School for the Deaf, P.S. 145, and P.S. 272, serving over 500 youth every day. Below are a few year-end highlights from the All-Star program sites, but before, please check out this humorous viral video with Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote the current ASAS Fundraising Campaign.

Year End Highlights

– In Newark: Parents, siblings, and grandparents joined us at George Washington Carver/Bruce Street School for our inaugural closing ceremony, titled “Star Power”, which signified the limitless and vast talents of our All-Stars. The event featured All-Star performances in the worlds of dance, modeling, athletics, singing, poetry, hip hop and entrepreneurship. Hip Hop Stories screened their video the “UnCool Kid”, which you can see here. Jennifer Padolina of New York Life closed the ceremony, discussing the importance of hard work and mentorship.


Jennifer B. Padolina, Partner at New York Life Insurance Company, with Mother Irene Wobo & her daughter Priya

– “My biggest fear is not living the life I want to live. So, everything I want to do, I write it in a journal. My advice would be to write down your goals and manifest it.” -Angelina Taitt, Bloomberg. 7th and 8th graders at Dr. E Alma Flagg attended a career panel with professionals in the non-profit, finance, music, fashion, education, and STEM fields!

– At P.S. 145, students and staff celebrated with an All-Star style party, filled with delicious food, music, and games. Top-performing All-Stars who had high attendance and positive attitudes won Chipotle gift cards. Students had a terrific time, and ASAS is excited to continue our program there next year!


Having fun at PS 272’s Community Carnival!

– In early June, a group of parents, teachers and staff from Curtis Estabrook School PS 272 traveled to Carmel, NY to engage in workshops facilitated by The Flippen Group. These workshops entitled “Capturing Kids Hearts” were geared to build their capacity as parents, family members and active participants in their community. This experience transformed the lives of everyone involved! Watch a terrific video of the weekend here. 

– On June 12th, PS 272 and ASAS partnered with Total Jump, Oasis, The Leadership Program, and HOT 97 to host its annual Community Carnival. We saw over 500 people throughout the evening, including several elected officials and community leaders!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer!

The All-Star Family