November 15, 2016

Harris Family Charitable Foundation

Pucks flew across the gym floor during a special floor-hockey clinic last week. Over 50 Newark, NJ students joined Josh Harris – philanthropist and managing owner of the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia 76ers – State District Superintendent Chris Cerf and other school district officials, City Council members, and school and community leaders to celebrate the announcement of a three-year partnership between ASAS and the Harris Family Charitable Foundation, headed by Harris.


Many of the students had never held a hockey stick before, but Stanley Cup Champion Bruce Driver and staff from the New Jersey Devils were on hand to teach them the basics! Under Driver’s guidance, students learned how to use the stick and handle the puck, and practiced taking shots on a very special goalie: the team’s mascot, the NJ Devil. “I’d never played hockey before, but today was so much fun! I can’t wait to take my family to Devils game!” said a participating 7th grader. All the students left with tickets to an upcoming Devils game.


The clinic was a celebration of a $750,000, three-year grant that will broaden ASAS’ presence in the communities where Harris’ teams operate. Indeed, the grant’s impact is already making positive change: earlier this fall, ASAS opened programming at 13th Avenue Elementary, the site of the festivities. In 2017, ASAS will open a new program site in Philadelphia, and will explore the possibility of expanding programming into nearby Camden.

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