All-Star Winston aspires to be the next Stephen Curry


“Power Your Climb” is this year’s theme for Climb 4 Kids. We are are asking “What’s Your Climb?” to our All-Stars, to think about what their goal or “climb” is. We are shining our “Power Your Climb” Spotlight on Winston, an 8th grader at Dual Language Middle School in Manhattan, as he shared with us what motivates him.

dsc_2708Winston Richard is a one of a kind All-Star. He is barely five feet and less than a hundred pounds soaking wet, but every ounce of his being is invested in his number one goal in life: “My climb is to be a great basketball player and to one day make it to the NBA”, says Winston. When we asked him how he powers his climb to be in the NBA, he says “what powers my climb is to one day be able to play like Stephen Curry.”

With his climb being the NBA, Winston wears the number 30 on his jersey like his idol Stephen Curry. When he scores a bucket, he pounds his chest and points to the sky, just like the two-time MVP. Winston mirrors Curry’s character as he oozes charisma, he cares about the success of others, and he works harder than anyone else.

dsc_2716Through our enrichment activities, our students have been able to build confidence, resilience and self-esteem. Winston is the embodiment of After-School All-Stars as he is progressive in his endeavours and works diligently in class and on the courts to one day achieve his climb to be in the NBA and play like Stephen Curry.

After-School All-Stars provides options beyond the basketball court; which is why our program is so special. Through ASAS, Winston and hundreds of students like him across New York and New Jersey gain exposure to people and pathways that they may have never discovered on their own. Winston gets to sit with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and athletes to learn the importance of grit and the endless pursuit of one’s passions. He gets to build the 21st century workplace skills that leaders around the country are looking for.

We support Winston’s climb and we encourage you to do the same. Climb 4 Kids is around the corner and it is not too late to make a donation, join a team or create your own team. Visit our Crowdrise Fundraiser page today to learn more on how you can contribute to ASAS and help power Winston’s climb and the climb of all of our All-Stars. What’s YOUR climb?